The Kashrut Initiative of the New Haven Area Rabbinical Assembly (KINAHARA™) promotes the knowledge and observance of Kashrut (Jewish Dietary "Kosher" Laws) through several means.

  • Supervision and certification of select institutions, vendors and products meeting rigorous criteria that follow or exceed local best practices standards and the standards of the Rabbinical Assembly
  • Workshops and seminars on creating and maintaining a kosher kitchen at home
  • Training for conversion students
  • Dissemination of information on kosher products and procedures
  • Training of lay supervisors to work in synagogue and school kitchens
  • Monitoring and tracking compliance of kosher vendors
  • Advanced training on kashrut subjects for the rabbinic community
  • Synagogue- and school-based programs toward kashrut education
  • Web-based resources and links through the existing web sites of local institutions
  • Development of educational and legislative consumer protection initiatives to inform and protect kosher and other consumers

New Haven Area Rabbinical Assembly

Service Mark Seal of KINAHAHRA KosherRabbi Murray Levine, Chairperson
Rabbi Eric Silver, Treasurer
Rabbi Jon-Jay Tilsen, Rabbinic Administrator

To contact KINAHARA, please email or call Rabbi Jon-Jay Tilsen at or 203.389.2108 x10.